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Column5 recently announced our new benchmarking service. Through this new service we will be conducting a series of research studies focused on Enterprise Performance Management.  Why conduct this research? One thing is clear when talking to customers about Enterprise Performance Management; everyone wants to know the same things. For example, how are others leveraging EPM solutions? What are the best practices? Is our performance on par with your other customers?  What is the appropriate ROI to be expected? The answer you get to any one of these questions depends on who you ask. And that is the challenge. There are no right answers to these questions, but there are insights to be gained from asking them. Today, there is no such forum for EPM practitioners to share information and learn from each other. Our goal with this new offering is to help companies do just that; gain a better understanding of how other companies are using and getting value out of their investments in Enterprise Performance Management so that they can make educated decisions on what EPM improvements will have the biggest impact. It is not about making blanket statements about what constitutes an ideal EPM process, but rather it is about providing the data points so that a company can decide what is best for them. Our research begins with to studies focused on BPC: • BPC Benchmarking Survey – Usage will concentrate on how companies are using BPC, what business processes is it used for, what functionality are they using, how BPC integrates with other solutions that can enhance the overall EPM process, how the application is maintained, how much it costs to maintain on a yearly basis, and more. This survey will also look to establish Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benchmarks for BPC. • BPC Benchmarking Survey – Performance will focus on the performance of BPC, with an attention to reporting and data submission performance. Column5 will look to identify what the key contributors to good and bad performance are across the customer base, as well as to establish benchmarks for performance based on these factors. We will publish the results of these studies in a whitepaper made available to participating companies. We will also share insights from the research at the EPM Leadership Summit in Las Vegas.  To participate in the research study copy this link into your browser.