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SAP BPC 7.5 / SAP BW 7.3x 


This document is a step by step guide to implement a BPC master data retraction solution using a custom extractor.

Author(s)          : Lijo John

Company         : Infosys Limited

Created on       : 09 August 2013

Author Bio:

Lijo John works as Senior SAP Consultant with Infosys Limited. He has 7 years of experience in IT Consulting Industry and during this time he has worked majorly on SAP NetWeaver BW, Business Objects and BPC. He has worked on multiple implementation projects.

Table of Contents


The standard approach for retracting master data from BPC to BW is by implementing the data retraction BAdI provided by SAP. In this document we look into an alternate approach of data retraction using a function module based custom extractor in BW.


  • Ability to setup the retraction job as a batch job via a  BW process chain.
  • More flexibility in handling dependencies of BPC data retraction with other BW jobs/process.
  • Inherits all advantages of a standard BW ETL process
  • No BPC login required to run the package or monitor the package runs.


  • Hierarchies not supported

Step by step implementation guide

Defining the extract structure for the custom extractor

Create an extract structure mirroring the structure of the BPC DIMENSION from which you need to retract data to BW. Please ensure the following

· The component names of the structure should be exactly same as the PROPERTY names in the BPC Application

· The data type and length of the components should be compatible with the PROPERTIES in the BPC Application

· You are free to choose the short descriptions of the components in the extract structure

In this document we will be building a custom extractor for the BPC Dimension ‘GEOGRAPHY’ with 5 PROPERTIES as shown below

BPC Application

Extract structure created (transaction SE12)

Defining the function module for the custom extractor

Go to transaction code SE80 and copy the function group RSAX to the new function group say Z_RSAX.

Copy the function module RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE  to ZBPC_MD_RETRACT. Ensure that you copy and activate all the related objects.

Edit the TABLES parameter of the function module and change it to the extract structure that you created. Activate the function module

Copy paste source code in the attached document (MD Retraction Fn Module Code.txt) into the function module.

Ensure that you change the APPSET name, DATASOURCE NAME and the DIMENSION name as per your requirements.

Activate the function module.

Creating the data source

Go to transaction code RSO2 and create a data source as show below.

Mention data source name and click create

Provide the details like application component, descriptions, function module and extract structure and click SAVE

Mention the dimensions that needs to be available for selection option and the ones that needs to be hidden.

Click save.

Testing the data source

  1. Go to transaction RSA3 and provide the data source name.
  2. Provide the selections for which data needs to be extracted.
  3. Extract data using the extract button.
  4. Click the ALV grid button to see the data extracted.


Making use of the customer extractor


·      The custom extractor that we just created can be used to load data into a DSO and to a master data in BW.

Process chains can then be setup to automate these loads and to schedule it as per requirements.