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SAP BPC 7.5 / SAP BW 7.3x 


This document is a step by step guide to implement a MOVE data manager package that add keyfigure values on move

Author(s)          : Lijo John

Company         : Infosys Limited

Created on       : 02 April 2014

Author Bio:

Lijo John works as Senior SAP Consultant with Infosys Limited. He has 7 years of experience in IT Consulting Industry and during this time he has worked majorly on SAP NetWeaver BW, Business Objects and BPC. He has worked on multiple implementation projects.

Table of Contents



The standard ‘MOVE Data Manager Package’ available in BPC provides two methods for moving source to destination as shown below. However in both the methods values of the target record(s) gets always overwritten by the values from the source record. 

Many times while doing a planning project you realize the need of a simple package that can actually MOVE data from source to target record in an addition mode i.e. the value from the source record gets added to the value of the target record instead of overwriting.

In the article we will look into a simple way to achieve this by tweaking the standard ‘MOVE Data Manager Package’ that is available.

Step by step implementation guide

Creating the Process Chain

Copy the standard process chain for MOVE Package into a new chain

Make the following two modifications in the new chain

  • Create a new start variant for the new chain.
  • Delete the variant ‘CLEAR SOURCE CUBE'.

The chain before and after modification would look as shown below.

Before Modification

After Modification

Save and Activate the new chain.

Creating the Data Manager Package

Login to your BPC excel client and create a copy of the standard ‘move transactional data’ package as shown below.

Open the package again in MODIFY mode and make changes as shown below

  • Process chain would be the new chain that you created
  • The task type can be a User Package or an Admin package based on your requirements.
  • You can choose your own package name, group and description

Once the package is created and saved, open the package again with modify option as shown below and navigate to the advanced section

Copy paste the below PROMPT and TASK definitions into the editable area in the advanced section.

PROMPT(MESSAGE,"Move source record to target record adding the source value to  the existing value in target record")

PROMPT(COPYMOVEINPUT,%SELECTION%,%TOSELECTION%,"Select the members to MOVE and where to","%DIMS%")


















Once done, click OK and Save the package.

An example how the new package works and how it differs from a standard MOVE Package

Standard MOVE Package

New MOVE package with MERGE

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