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Plant abroad Solution

Executive Summary: A regular requirement in European Union (EU) is to move inventory to warehouses across boarder. In many cases, this inventory movement might just be for logistical movement of goods for eventual sale or primarily for storage and ...

Retain earnings

Introduction: -Basically retained Earnings Account is used to carry forward the balance from one fiscal year to the next fiscal year. (Net profit/Net losses carry forward from P&L to retained earnings a/c). The retained earnings A/C need to be assign...

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SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management: commodity and non-commodity services on one (or separate) invoice is no longer a dream

Traditionally, non-commodity billing and invoicing required complex and manual processes, which are time-consuming and prone to errors. Being in the Utilities world for many years, I have seen many different approaches for invoicing non-commodity. So...

Retained Earnings Account

At the end of the fiscal year, We need to carry forward the balance of the p\L account to the retained earnings accounts( BS General Reserve Accounts).The profit & loss statement account type it represents the retained earnings account.

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