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User has received a survey related to any one of the workflow tasks in SAP Process Control or Risk Management which leverages surveys and questionnaires. These surveys could be Control Design Assessment, Control Self-Assessment, Disclosure Surveys, Sign-off Survey, Risk Assessment Survey, KRI Assessment Survey, etc. All the questions have been answered as “Yes” and the overall rating of the survey has been set to Effective/Adequate. However, on submission user receives a warning pop-up message mentioning that one or more questions in the survey have a negative answer. This could be annoying sometimes and particularly confusing to the end users.

Understanding The Cause of Occurrence:

The “Requires Comment” section of the survey question decides whether an answer will be considered as a positive or a negative answer. If the “Requires Comment” section is checked for “Yes” and the question is answered in the affirmative, i.e. “Yes”, system considers this as a negative answer and hence a warning pop-up message appears as can be seen in the above screenshot.

You can check the details of surveys/questionnaires in the NWBC Work Centre Assessments.

How to Correct/Avoid:

Check the 'Activate' flag for Indicator 'NO_NEGATIVE_RATING' in the view 'V_GRPCCUST1' via transaction SM30. With this setting, you can make comments mandatory in a Survey Question without displaying the warning message for negative answer.


In this blog post, we have learnt how to avoid an unwanted warning pop-up message during submission of a survey related workflow task in SAP GRC Process Control or Risk Management.

Hope this information is helpful!