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  • Suppose we have a scenario where the payment advice is received after we have already posted the payment to clarification, or where the payment advice is received via email after the cash apps analyst has sent an email to the customer requesting more details.

  • In either case, the agent needs to manually get into SAP to populate the additional information to reprocess the payment lot(re-execute the clearing rules with additional payment advice info)


Problem statement:

  • it's been a pain point to extract the payment advice information from emails. (Coming in different formats)

  • Identify the right payment lot/item to close the correct clarification cases.

  • Late realization of the revenue

  • Lot of manual activities are included to close the clarification cases.


Automate the process of bringing the Payment information into the SAP system and reprocessing the payment lot to re-execute the clearing rules with the additional payment advice information to post the payment successfully.



  • Extract the Payment advice information from the Emails using Azure OpenAI

  • Pass the information to SAP and post the payment lot successfully by identifying the payment lot/clarification case and by populating the selections.



  • Fully automated solution eliminating the need for manual steps.

  • Immediate realization of the revenue.

  • Reduce the load on the collections team to clear the clarification cases.



Step 1 : Payment lot in Clarification status


Step 2:  When an email is received.

Step 3: Azure Logical App Flow


Step 4: Payment lot after Email is processed



this is one of the potential use case of Azure OpenAI

please refer to A Cool use of Open AI in SAP GUI Editor | SAP Blogs for more use cases.

thank you

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