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I have been working on BPC projects (Implementation/ Enhancement/ Support). In all projects transports collection is a common activity. Many times we keep this activity as a last step. Due to which it takes lot of attention during the objects collection. At times we may miss details of few objects and we wander for details and leading to delay in the Transport collection. But with SAP given features we can over come the delay and try for a quicker collection process.

After working for 10 projects in BPC Planning and consolidation projects. I found this is one of the simple processes for collecting object for transportation.

Step-1. BPC Transports are needed to move changes from DEV to UAT and PROD. The respective system needed to bring offline during the movement of a transport.

  1. Log into BPC Web

  2. Under planning and consolidation

  3. Manage Environments


Go to the GUI logon and type transaction code RSA1

  1. Select the Environment 

  2. All the objects in the BPC are collected here.

  3. Use the find option to find any object (BPC) of need ..

For Example:

Result: Will show up all the objects with name matching (Just like Google Search)

All files with “lgf” are displayed and can be selected and transported accordingly. (Above Image)

Hint: This process will enable us to drill down the objects W.R.T Models. Sometimes we may forget the “object name” but we always remember the model/environment.

This rule applies also across the models too.

Once identified the objects. For collecting the objects use the following steps (common process WRT BW)

  1. Navigate to Transport Connections

  2. Double click on Object Types

  3. Navigate to More Types

  4. Double click on ‘Select Objects’

  5. Place Curser over checkbox & right click


  7. Select Objects to be transported

    1. Some objects are located under each component type. (As below)

Lesson Learned/Achievement: With the above process I could do 1) The objects collection and 2) Transport movement from DEV à UAT à PRODUCTION in 30 mins. I thought this a value addition to our day to day job.