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Hello Everyone,

I am working on GRC Process Control Area for a reputed customer. Throughout my career, i have trained many people for preparing them to work in GRC PC. It found it confusing for them to understand few concepts that are relevant for this practice. I personally felt that 'Allow Local Changes' option has confused many of my students and customers. Hence i thought of writing this blog with a simple explanation which everyone can understand. This is written from my limited knowledge in this area, Kindly correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Allow Local Changes- How it affects in Master Data Maintenance.

By the time when you add a central sub process to an organization, you have an option to select Allow Local Changes to Yes or No

Allow Local Changes- Yes

If you select allow local changes to yes, system will allow you to edit attributes related to the master-data object as per configuration.

Let me bring up a scenario, I have a sub process which I assigned to an organization,

It has all controls which were at central level, compare the above and below screenshots

Now I am adding a new control centrally to the same central sub process.

And I am checking in organization to know whether it reflected or not,

See, it did not come here. But in case if you need to bring the new controls here, you can open the sub process at local level then go to controls tab and click add

You will have options to select controls locally here and to select from the central sub process.

Click on select from central sub process

It will show you controls which belongs to central sub process we selected but not added to organization locally yet and t. It won’t show any controls outside the sub process.

You also have an option to create control locally

Allow Local Changes- No

If you have selected allow local changes to No, You won’t be able to edit the sub process locally anymore, and whatever changes you want to do should be done centrally.

Please look into the below scenario,

Now I am adding a new control centrally

And go back to the organization and see

It has reflected here too.

Hence we can conclude that if the 'Allow Local Change' is set to no, any change you make at central level will be reflected at local level too


Hope this post helps you to understand this option-'Allow Local Changes' in master data maintenance. Please comment if you face any challenge in understanding this or a better explanation is required.

I will come up with such blogs in future with good explanation of different techniques/options/ best practices in GRC Process Control Area.


Anoop Mathew
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