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In this blog we will see how to adjust the Orders booked amount for RAR relevant Sales Orders.

We noticed that the Orders Booked amount that we see in the KE30 report after the initial SO creation is not matching after the RAR contract is create due to the allocation effect in the RAR contract. There is no standard solution for this problem as we don't have a flow coming back from RAR to SD currently.

One way that this can be achieved is to perform a corrective entry in the COPA orders booked figures using the COPA External data transfer tool (KEFC).

But this needs to be discussed on when to run from a process perspective and also how frequently. Generally this has to be run when the RAR contract changes and if there is change in allocation effect / amount.

We designed this to run on a contract level with below High level steps.

  • Identify all the SO related to the RAR contract  using the table FARR_D_MAPPING

  • Get the allocation details from table - farr_d_defitem - here you must pick the condition type that you configured for allocation Effect. Or you can also get this from the FARR_D_POB table.

  • Get the existing OB details from the table CE1XXXX

  • Now calculate the adjustment amount using the FARR_D_DEFITEM and CE1XXXX

  • Prepare a file upload to KEFC transaction and post a entry with record type '1'.

  • Next time when the program is run make sure to validate if the allocation changed and then update else there will be duplicate adjustments .



Vijay V
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