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In this blog I will explain how to set up a Configurable Product in SAP Calliduscloud CPQ.

There are broadly 2 types of Products in CPQ--:

  1. Simple Product or Standalone Product

  2. Configurable Product or collection of various other Products in the form of Attributes.

For this knowledge article, Our Configurable Product will be named as Cellfone and will have configure options in the form of Attributes as ‘Operating System’, ‘Chipset’ and ‘Display’.

In order to create a Configurable Product we will first create a Category called Cellphone and Product Type as ‘Cellphone’

In order to create a Category path in the Set up is Product CatalogàCategory

We will create a Cellphones Category as shown below--:



Below is the Visibility Permissions defined for the Category. Only the users assigned to the Sales, Sales Manager, Calliduscloud and Markets India in Rs will be able to see the Category.



After this we define the Product Type as Cellphone as shown below--:

Now we will define Various Attributes that will be assigned to the Configurable Product.


First I will define a Attribute Chipset. It will have 3 values--:



3) Exynos



Now I will set up second Attribute as ‘OSmobile’ having 2 Attribute values--:

  • Android

  • Mac


Now we will define the Product as a Configurable Product with all the above mentioned Attributes. In order to define Product as Configurable Product the Display Type should be selected as Configurable Product.



We will define Pricing as Custom Pricing as shown below--:


Now we will assign all the 3 Attributes that we defined earlier to this Product--:


Press Edit on left of each Attribute to set up parameters and Pricing for each Attribute. We will define each Attribute as ‘Drop Down’ and provide a Custom Label. We will also add Text for Hint in ‘Hint’ message box.


We will assign Pricing to the Values of Attributes as shown below--:

Similarly, we will define other 2 Attributes for the Product and their Pricing



Also we have defined the base Pricing at Product Level as Custom Pricing as shown below--:



Now let us see how the Configuration looks like in CPQ Quotation--:


Our Config Product is Cellfone. We will see various configurations that can be done on this Product by pressing Configure button--:



As we can see from above screenshot that we are getting combination of Attributes in the form of Drop Down as well as Configuration Summary with Base Price as Rs.1


Now we add different combinations of Attributes to see the Pricing and Configuration of the Final Product.

For Processor Snapdragon, Operating System Android and Display Type as Android. We get total Price as Rs. 35001.



In the same way other combination can be created with the Attributes.


In Quotes it looks like as shown below--:


If I increase the Quantity to ‘2’ then Total Price also increases as shown below--:



This concludes my blog post on Configurable Product Set up in SAP CPQ.

Hope this helps you in your learning efforts.