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This blog post is for providing steps which helps to change Part number description in SAP CPQ for a Configurable Product based on the Options you have chosen. I have already described steps that should be taken to set up a Configurable Product in SAP CPQ in my previous blog post for which I am posting the link below

For this blog post I am taking the same Configurable Product Cellfone. In SAP CPQ Catalog screen if we have defined the Part Number as static it will show the same name irrespective of any option that we select for a Configurable Product as shown below--:


As shown in screenshot below for Product Cellfone--:

Notice how configuration summary Part Number is showing as Cellfone, without any option selected.


Now irrespective of any options selected we still find Part number is showing the same value--:



This is because in Product we have given a static expression for Part Number field and will remain the same irrespective of any option of Configurable Product is chosen.



However if we want the Part Number description to change for every combination of Attribute we can give a simple Expression in Formula Builder which will change the name of Part Name with every option chosen by us in Catalog as shown below--:





As per the Expression Part Number should take the value of OSMobile attribute with value of Chipset Attribute and Display Attribute.

For example an Android phone with Snapdragon Processor and AMOLED display expected Part Number should like :”Android Cellfone Snapdragon Processor and Amoled Display”


Let us have a look at the expected Result for various options in Catalog --:









As we can see from above screenshots for various combinations Part Number description is changing based on our selection criteria.


Hope this helps you in gaining knowledge.