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ZUONR field in billing doc to item texts in Accounting Doc

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I have a client who wants to have the contents of the ZUONR field in the billing document appear in the line item texts of the resultant accounting document. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?


Ross Goodman

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I know where the data lives The process involved is WPUBON idoc from POS inbound in SAP retail automatically creates 3 documents for a sale of article

1] Article document

2] Billing document

3] Accounting document created from the billing document

This is all automatic.

So I will look into the use of the user exit to get the ZUONR content from the billing doc to flow through to the accounting document also.

Many thanks, will let you know if ity works.


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Hi Ross,

"Assignment" field from invoice to "Reference key-1" in the line item.

Table : VBRK

Assignment field: ZUONR

Table: BSEG

Reference key-1: XREF1

To get the above requirement, to modify the exit "EXIT_SAPLV60B_002"

"Assignment" field (VBRK-ZUONR) from invoice to "Reference key-1" (BSEG-XREF1) in the line items.

Reward points if it helpful



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ZUONR is nothting but the refernce field you can get this filed directly in the table BKPF or BSEG which is relevant to the accounting