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Zero Value Excise Invoice for FOC scenario

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Possibility 1 : The requirement is that whenever the customer returns the material to us on account of any complaint, then based on some excise permision we can have the excise duties exempted. So the excise invoice will be created with zero value for the main price and also for the excise duties. Is it possible to have excise invoice created with zero vaule and printed with all the values as zero in it.

Possibility 2: The other possibility is that the customer has not returned and we supply FOC materials to them, then in that the case the excise invoice has to eb created with the excise duties posted to the respective account.

In short, following are my queries:

1. How the system knows that whether the material has been returned to our stock, as based on that only the excise invoice will be created.

2. Is it possible to create Excise invoice with zero value.


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1) Your requirement is not clear. For incoming rejected material, why you want to generate an excise invoice. In fact, you should generate make an FI entry via J1IH.

2) Yes possible assuming that the invoice will have some statistical value based on which, ED will be calculated.


G. Lakshmipathi