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year of production in sales order

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So we have products from the last year 2021 production and 2022 and our customer sometimes specify the XX.2022 production and it does not matter which month the important thing it is 2022.

Our data entry does not have the time to assign the month and year of every item in the sales order MM.YYYY

and also it takes a lot of time assigning the batch in delivery OR doing TO foreground.

Is it possible to specify only the year YYYY in the sales order and when doing the TO the system follows FIFO from the selected year YYYY

Thank you for your help

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I don't think something is available out of box like you want.

What you can do is - you need to work with batch selection criteria and do batch determination as per your batch selection criteria.

You need to again write you own logic to get year from SO , to trigger batch selection from this batch selection criteria (Year XXXX)