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XmlFile to B1PurchaseOrder, message gets stuck in processing

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Hello all,

please I need help. A message goes in processing, but don't fuhther

What can be the problem here?

I'm gettig a following log-message:

Message-ID Name of Sendersystem Sender object Sender obj.key Name of receiver system

100708202 Filesystem Z.F.AnySystem_PO

Start Date Time End Date Time Status

2010/07/08 20:23:30 2010/07/08 20:23:30 Processing


Alexander Friesen

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Product and Topic Expert
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In the Message Log and in the Error Log that you can access from the Application Explorer > Monitoring ... what errors do you get. If you get a Technical Error ... what is the message. Is the transaction in the Message log and if so is it in "Processing", "Failure" ...???


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Hello Eddy,

I don't get any errors in the thechnical error monitor. And I get three success rows in the B1 event monitor. As following:

Source Company | Object ID | Object Keys | Key Value | Send Date | Target Host | Target B1i application

TEST 4 itemCode 10 2010/07/08 local /0010000100.inbound/

And there is no result message in the message log. Status is "Processing" only.



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Hello Eddy,

here is the message from message log. Perphaps you can find out something here.

b1im:B1IMessage xmlns:b1im="" xmlns:bfa="" MessageId="10070916183389100722C0A802649314" BeginTimeStamp="20100709161833" LogOn="true" Validity="true">
  sim:M xmlns:sim="" L="" U="" G="10070514354878118319C0A80264A2D1" O="" /> 
sim:SysId xmlns:sim="" Id="0010000101" Name="Filesystem" SysTypeId="F.AnySystem" ConnectivityMode="local">
  sim:Connectivity ConnectivityTypeId="FILI" IsPreferred="true" Mode="active" /> 
  sim:Connectivity ConnectivityTypeId="FILO" IsPreferred="true" Mode="active" /> 
ObjectType xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../" Id="Z.F.AnySystem_PO" Name="Z.F.AnySystem_PO" SysTypeId="F.AnySystem" LocalObjectType="File_PO" ValueMappingKeyTableLink="">
- <!-- Modified with X-Edit V 1.0; 2010-07-08_15:49.56
KeyMapping KeyPolicy="2">
  LocalKeySelection SelectionPath="/primarykey/nokey" FieldName="nokey" /> 
  Connectivity ConnectivityTypeId="FILI" PreferredType="true" /> 
  Connectivity ConnectivityTypeId="FILO" PreferredType="true" /> 
  PublicationObjectTypeRepresent PublicationObjectTypeId="Z.PT0005" /> 
  Schema /> 
  b1im:Receiver /> 
  b1im:System GlobalKey="10070514354878118319C0A80264A2D1" /> 
  b1im:RoutingList /> 
  b1im:Receiver SysId="0010000100" SysTypeId="B1.2007" BIUURI="/" NextHopId="0010000100" /> 
  b1im:Extra /> 
  b1im:FileInbound LocalObjectType="File_PO" extension="xml" filename="Order" filespec="c:\temp\in\Order.xml" encoding="UTF-16" delchar=";" wrapchar="" xml_objID="" csv_objID="" txt_objID="" xpath="" offsetdef="" /> 
b1im:Payload ObjectTypeId="Z.F.AnySystem_PO" ObjectRole="S">

here is the original xml file