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XML Data URL Connection String

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Hi Guys, when using a dashboard within SAP Business One, does anyone know what the XML Data URL string is to make the data connection between your query in SAP Business One and the spreadsheet in your Xcelcius file.

I was lead to believe it was proc?bpm.pltype=xml&bpm.encoding=utf-8 and that SAP Business One would auto build the full path, however, when running this in SAP Business One I get a Connection error message :

An error has occurred.

For more information, contact the file creator or your system administrator.

Error: Error #2032

Connection Type: XML Data

I have checked and SAP Business One Integration Server is running fine, so can only presume it is the above string, especially as all the standard SAP Dashboards work without any problem ? Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this ?

Below is the Query I am using for this Dashboard

select * from (SELECT DISTINCT Country, SUM(SalesYTD) as YTDSales, [MONTH] FROM

(SELECT distinct T2.Country, SUM(T1.Debit) - SUM(T1.Credit) as SalesYTD, T1.Shortname, MONTH(T1.RefDate) as [Month] FROM JDT1 T1 INNER JOIN OCRD T2 ON T1.ShortName = T2.CardCode

WHERE Year(T1.RefDate) = 2011 AND T1.TransType IN ('13','14') and T2.CardType = 'C'

group by T2.Country, T1.Shortname,month(T1.RefDate)) sYTD

group by Country,[MONTH]) Q

PIVOT (sum([YTDSales]) FOR [Month] IN

([1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12])) P

This query runs fine in Query Manager and SQL Management Studio.

I am using the string in the Data Manager, with MIME Type text/xml and under the usage Tab I have ticked Refresh Before Components are Loaded under Refresh Options.

As always any advice is gratefully received

Kind regards

Sean Martin

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Answers (3)

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Please close your thread if the issue is resolved.

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Hi Sean

I am experiencing the same problem. Have you found a solution as yet?



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Hi Burger,

I did the following and it cured the problem, but I must say SAP need to get a grip on this as it cant be down to us consultants to have to waste hours on end trying to get 'Standard Functionaility' working, especially as every customer seems to have varying problems:

Deactivate the cockpit in your Business One database - Disable My Cockpit and also disable cockpit in General Settings

Run EventSender Setup (in first step try to avoid using localhost or IP addresses), in third step press Test Connection, in fourth step make sure that your database is checked, press also Receiver but ton and then Test Connecion. Finish EventSender setup.

Click on SLD in the B1i Framwork and ensure connection to the Company databsae (B1DI and JDBC) is successful.

Go back to B1i Framework UI, click Scenarios in upper menu, then select Control in left menu and (re)activate Xcelsius scenario.

Restart EventSender service, Integration Service and Proxy services via Servies (Computer Management)

Now you can enable cockpit in your Business One database - enable cockpit in General Settings and then enable My Cockpit.

After installation of B1ic, if the company is not listed in the SLD the do the following:

Delete all entries of table SLSP and SLSPP in SBOCOMMON. Restart integration service. In SAP Business refresh the company list.

These solutions are documented in the SAP Note 1619422.

Hope that helps



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Hi Sean,

Your query may be to complicated for Xcelcius. Try to reduce one level of Select.