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XL reports Problem

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We have 2 companies with same XL reports live and test. All the XL reports were working fine.

All of a sudden most of the reports in the live return no results. Some of them come up the error message as below. These reports has UDF

An error occurred while Executing report!

Description: Definition parsing failed.


Syntax error near: TWM_PC1 at row $10:$13

Syntax error near: TWM_PC1 at row $16:$19

Syntax error near: TWM_PC1 at row $21:$24

Syntax error near: TWM_PC1 at row $26:$29

These reports run in the test company. The only difference is the live company has recent transactions

Also in the report designer, if i try to edit the UDF attribute XL reporter comes up with some run time error and crashes.

I deleted the attribute and tried again, The UDF is not available.

In the XL reported I removed the UDF, and then tried adding it again still no luck. The UDF's are not visible in report designer

Any Suggestions will be helpful?



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Answers (1)

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In the XL Repoerter menu under Tools>XL Reporter choose the Tools menu, then User defined fields. Choose to vire previously added, then untick them all & update XL Reporter will restart, then reselect them.

This needs to be done each time SAP is upgraded as the fields rename themselves in the database.

You will still need to readd them to your reports I think to allow them to run correctly.