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XL-Reporter 2005 PL29 - Office 2007

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Hi fellows,

I read many postings in this forum which stated that XLR 2005 PL29 does NOT run with MS Excel 2007.

In the posting <XL Reporter with Office 7> by Irina Stanca from Sep. 9. 2007 I found a reply from Mr. Owen Slater which stated that XLR PL29 DOES RUN with MS Excel 2007.

I myself WAS NOT ABLE to install XLR 2005 PL29 with MS Excel 2007 (based on SAP 2005A SP01 PL26)! The error message was <Excel has to be installed. Cannot find Excel.>

At SAP I only could find contradicting information:

1. On the XLR information page: ... XL Reporter currently supports Office 2007 only within the SAP Business One 2005 track.

2. On the download/update page for XLR PL29: XL Reporter currently supports only Office 2003.

Is there any common understanding if or if not XLR is running with Excel 2007?

Maybe there are special settings you have to obey when installing XLR with Excel 2007?

Thank you for any help!


Frank Romeni

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Here is explanation from B1Platform :

Desktop System Platforms Release Track 2004 2004 B on Linux Add-Ons 2004 2005 A Add-Ons 2005 2005 A SP01 Add-Ons 2005 SP01 2005 B 2007 A

Microsoft® Office 2000 SP3

- Standard & Professional Edition X X

Microsoft® Office XP SP2

- Professional Edition X X X X X X X X

Microsoft® Office 2003 SP1

- Standard & Professional Edition X X X X X X X X

Microsoft® Office 2007

- Standard & Professional Edition X X (1) X X (2)

(1) XL Reporter 2005 does support Microsoft® Office 2007 as of XL Reporter 2005 SP01 PL29.

(2) XL Reporter 2007 currently does not support Microsoft® Office 2007. Planned to be supported in Q3/2007.

For more detail :

Btw, you must explain here whether you are using SP00 or SP01 of SAP B1 2005A. The standard and professional edition of 2007 are compatible or match with XL reporter requirement.



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Dear Jimmy,

thank you for your answer, but I already know this table from SAP and it is only one source of information from SAP.

Maybe I misunderstand the information in footnote (1) of this info due to my limited skills in the english language. I interpreted the note <XL Reporter 2005 does support Microsoft Office 2007 as of XL Reporter 2005 SP01 PL29.> as follows: MS Office 2007 IS NOT SUPPORTED by XLR 2005 - not even in XLR PL29.

Or does it mean the opposite: From XLR PL29 on MS Office 2007 is supported ?

The question remains open! As I already wrote in my initial posting, there are different infos at SAP with contradicting statements. And most of the postings in this forum complain about the incompatibility of XLR PL29 and MS Office 2007, except the one from Owen Slater.


You asked me to provide the version of the installed software.

For SAP I actually provided this information; you can read it in my initial posting:

SAP BO 2005 SP01 PL26.

What I forgot was the version of MS Office: The software installed is MS Office Small Business 2007.

Please stay in contact!


Frank Romeni

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Sorry, I have to correct my information on the installed SAP version:

SAP BO 2005A SP01 PL23

Frank Romeni

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Hi Jimmy Michael,

you were right - XLR PL29 does NOT run with the Small Business Edition. Now I have installed the Enterprise Edition and everythings works fine.

To all others:

Be sure to copy file excel.exe.config (if you run .NET Framework 2.0 or higher and the user has no admin rights - see SAP note 918188) to ...\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 and not to ...\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11 as with MS Office 2003!

The supported platform table Jimmy Michael mentioned has changed! The information on MS Office 2007 and XLR PL29 is deleted from the table - now the information is XLR only supports MS Office 2005!

I have copies of both versions of this table - if there is someone who doesn't believe.

And there are many other places where the support of MS Office 2007 is rejected (e.g. see the download page for XLR PL29)!


Frank Romeni

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Frank Romeni

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Answers (1)

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I was able to use XLR with Office 2007. I was using 2005B PL05