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X plant material Status in Material Master

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Dear All,

In material master record, in basic data 1 view there is X plant material status tick. After clicking F4 on same it gives the options as "01-Block for procurement" and "BP-Block for purchasing". Can any one please explain the difference between these two.

In both the cases it is not allowing me create the PR & PO.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is Blocking Key assigned to material master in basic data 1 view in  X plant material status, if yes, remove blocking key and create PR & PO. Or check  source list(ME01) is  material blocked for procurement, if yes, remove it and save .Now  go for creation of PR & PO of material.

The blocking keys(01-Block for procurement" and "BP-Block for purchasing), as you have, the

code and description may be different but  properties are same and both are cause for same purpose which is not allowing you to creates PR & PO as procurement and purchasing both looks very much similar word as designed by your consultant!

You can find out both keys ( 01 and BP) details in following path , where Purchasing segment set  B in field of. Purchasing msg

SPRO > Logistics -General > Material Master > Settings for Key Fields > Define Material Statuses

Now as needed/required by you remove the Blocking Key 01 or BP  and try to create PR & PO! So you are able to create PR & PO


But insetad of blocking  procurement by using blocking keys, you can use source list(ME01) for creation of PR & PO of material.


Biju K

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Further information:

Material will be defined as per the product life cycle.The X-Plant status telling us where the item or material in the product life cycle.

Based on the definition and design of the materail in the life cycle we can defined the items as described below:

In general we have list of statuses and their meaning in the life cycle of the product

X-Plant status - Meaning of that number

01 - Obsolete

03 - Hibernate/standby

05 - Discontinue

10 - Concept

11 - Pending production

15 - Engineering model

20 - prototype

30 - o-series

40 - serial production

45 - project production

50 - specila production

55 - phase out

May be nubers will be changed as per their convinient and industry specific but the statuses of the items is same .

Hope this will help to understand the concept of X-Plant status.

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BLOCK FOR PROCUREMENT  AND BLOCK FOR PURCHASING: That material is blocked for procurement if it is ticked . It depends upon business requirement, may be this material is internally produced or currently not in use etc.


Un-tick that then you can create PR and PO.

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"01-Block for procurement" is Standard Setting

"BP-Block for purchasing". is Customize setting as per client requirement.

Both function are same.

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For some reasons your client configured this.

reasons could be

- some client dont want to use the standard keys as they always copy the standard keys and create a custom one.

- check in OMS4 for both keys, whether both are blocked only procurement or one key blocks both procurement and inventory(you can't post any inventory movements)