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Wrong Translation Date in billing document

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Hello dear Experts,

When creating billing for a return delivery there is a problem with the Translation Date,
I will describe the situation below:

The customer creates the corresponding order and completes the data, where, among other things, he enters the pricing date of 20.02.2024 in the document header, on the document items is the same date, then there is a delivery document and we proceed to issue invoices. When creating the billing pricing date on the billing items agrees, but the rate is incorrect, after creating billing when we go to the accounting document and then to the header data, we see that the Translation Date is 18.03.2024 (the same as the billing date), but it should be 20.02.2024. In the VBRK table in the KURRF_DAT field, the date 18.03.2024 is visible.


Could I ask you experts for a hint how to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance experts.

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In Cony Control record for Delivery to Billing Document (T-Code VTFL) check what is the PricingExchRate type maintained for the respective Item Category. 

Amongst other options, the following options are available which may interest you: 

Exchange rate determination according to billing date

Exchange rate determination according to pricing date