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Wrong profit center in MIGO

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Hello all,

I have gone through the number of posts but did not find a correct answer, so posting this question.

Sales order is created with two line items of the same material. Profit center is maintained in both the line items.

Now, PO is created with respect to sales order for two line items (same material). Account assignment category in PO is 'M'.

During MIGO, for first line item, i am getting correct profit center (which is maintained in SO) but for second line item, the profit center is different than what is maintained in SO. The material code is same in both the line items.

I am not able to find out from where the different profit center is coming from. Anyone have experienced this issue before? Could you please help to find out the root cause?

Thanks in advance.

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What profit center do you see per PO item in table EKPO in SE16N transaction?

Does this equal to the profit center of the sales order?

Do both PO items have the same profit center?

What profit center has the material master?