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Wrong invoice number in document printing

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Dear All,

one of our customers has a very strange problem.

If I print an invoice from the Invoice form, all works fine, the printed document get the correct invoice number.

If I print an invoice from the Document Printing form, the printed document takes the next avaiable number referred to the document series.

I try to change the PLD report using the standar one but the problem persists.

If I try to print another document from Document printing (example ad Sales order) all works fine.

Can someone help me?



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Dear Diego,

Have you used the same document numbers for different series?



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Hi Gordon,

no, series are correct.

Are defined like SAP standards, for example:

Order: 100100001 - 100199999

Delivery: 100200001 - 100299999

Invoice: 100300001 - 100399999

This is a new customer for us, He told me that they always have this problem, also with SP00 PL42, Now they have SP01 PL10, but problem persists.

That's very strange.

What can i check?

Thanks and regards.