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Wrong depreciation calculated for base value 04 + EA-FIN activated

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after activating EA-FIN, depreciation for assets using base value 04 (= half of replacement value) is calculated wrong.

While AW01 for a particular asset shows depreciation values based on the FULL replacement value (like it would be base value 03) AW01_AFAR (the u201Coldu201D asset explorer) shows the correct depreciation for base value 04.

The wrong base value can also be seen using the "display depreciation calculation" button in both transactions.

There are no enhancements for base value determination active.

I didnu2019t find any SAPNET notes nor SCN entries regarding this case, any ideas?

Best regards, Christian

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Hi Christian

There are difference in calcualting when EA-FIN activated

Perhaps the wiki's from Nathan helps you. He made some calcualtion between old and new situation

You can see the values (simulations) on the old way with AW01_AFAR and the new way with AFAR





I hoop this helps you


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Hi Paul,

I know Nathans (and others) really valuable asset accouting Wiki which describes cases where the old depr. calculation failed to calculate correct figures but they don't deal with this particular case.

In my case its obviously that the base value is the (wrong) double amount in AW01 compared to AW01_AFAR.

I only found SAPNET notes regarding EA-FIN / new depr. calculation and base value 28 / 40 but nothing regarding base value 04.

I am going to wait some time for (maybe) additional responses but I think I must create a customer message to SAP.

Best regards, Christian

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For what it's worth, I did a search and didn't find anything either.

It sounds like you've already tried this, but if the base value (the actual $$ value) is different in the trace on both tcodes then you have a problem. I would be sure to recalculate the values when you enter AW01 and AW01_AFAR to ensure that it's correct before looking at the trace.

The formula for the replacement value is:

( u_ganlc-kansw + u_ganlc-answl +
               u_ganlc-kmafa + u_ganlc-mafav + u_ganlc-zusma +
               u_ganlc-mafam + u_ganlc-mafal +
               u_ganlc-kaufw + u_ganlc-aufwv +
               u_ganlc-aufwp + u_ganlc-aufwl ) / 2 .

I'd look at ANLC for the asset and do the calculation yourself to confirm the value.

You've probably done all of that so I predict an OSS message in your future !


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Hi Nathan,

thanks for the hint. The manual base value recalculation using table ANLC confirms what can be seen in AW01N / AW01_AFAR.

The new depr. calc. engine "looses" the "divison by 2" term which leeds to a base value thats 200% of what it should be.

The SAPNET (OSS) message has been created yesterday, I'll post the results in this thread.

Best regards, Christian

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this is solved a few weeks ago. The reason was that the depreciation key used contained two change methods "5" (= changeover at the end of useful life):

Ord.depreciation 1 Y011 001 Y05 003 5

Ord.depreciation 2 Y011 001 Y05 003 5

Ord.depreciation 3 Y011 001 Y05 Y05

This"double change-method definition" leads to the double base value amount. By eliminating phase 2 in the depr. key everything was in line.

Interestingly this depr. key was migrated / activated during 46C => ECC60 upgrade without any problem.

So there is no check like "2 equal change methods are not allowed for ordinary depreciation within one depr. key" when migrating/activating/creating/changing such a depr. key.

Best regards, Christian