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Wrong Batch Number was Determined

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Hi Experts,

I have an issue as per following.

- A DO created with automated batch allocation for a material.

- User found that was not the proper batch which is not supposed to be determined.

- User changed the batch to the right batch number.

- Now I like to trace back what was the batch number actually allocated initially.

- I checked the changes log but no further useful information as the log only show the batch split line item (e.g. 900001) has been deleted by who and when.

- When checked on the Batch Determination, the Strategy analysis, Log and other information showing the current data only.

- When I checked the date/time at the changes log for the deleted entries, I noticed the changes date/time are earlier than DO created data/time (DO created on 05.11.2011, 10:14:43 but the changes log date/time show 05.11.2011, 10:10:08) - this is very strange!

My questions:

- Where and how to trace back the deleted batch number?

- Why the date/time at the changes log in the DO is earlier than DO created date?

Thanks & regards,

Poi Yoke

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Answers (2)

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Thanks so much.

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There is no way to trace the deleted batch number. But you should be able to create the same scenario and see what is the automatic batcher number assigned.

Date/time _ check with basis if there is any performance issue. May need to analyse database performance.