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Working with two companies

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Hello everyone,

Currently I have a customer who has a rather peculiar organizational structure. Basically, the structure is as follows:

There is one company, say company X, which holds the inventory for two other companies, A and B. Company X has no actual employees, but is just a company which holds the inventory. Physically, the inventory is in the same building as Company A.

Now please consider the transactions between companies X and A (those between X and B are identical).

Company A gets a sales order from one of their clients. This order is fulfilled by placing a PO at company X, which then delivers the goods to company A, who can then deliver the goods to their customer. Note that no goods are actually sent from X to A because they are at the same location.

I have tried to implement this situation using the intercompany addon, but that does not appear to be a workable solution. The intercompany solution helps to create a Sales Order in Company X when a PO is made in company A, but only as a draft document. This would mean that someone would have to be logged in to the Company X database to process the draft sales order to a delivery, which would then create a (draft) Goods Receipt in company A, which would then need to be processed in that database. All this requires a lot of manual actions from the employee.

Basically i am looking for a solution that would enable me to automate the transactions in Company X so that an employee can process the entire flow from Company A.

All suggestions are more than welcome!

Kind regards,


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Hi Joris,

As you mentioned, this can be achieved by intercompany solution but intercompany solution always create the draft marketing documents in the recipient company as both the companies may have different Tax structure and various other reasons( Approval Procedure, Custom Add-ons code etc.)

If you enable the multiple Branch feature in SAP Business One, then for your scenario manual intervention is required when you are duplicating the A/R Invoice to A/P invoice as duplication only copies the information on the Contents tab of the A/R Invoice to the Contents tab of the A/P Invoice.


Pankaj Sharma

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Hi Joris

Can you mention Business one version and Localization.

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Hi Gaurav,

B1 version 9.2 for HANA, Dutch localization