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working with object types OCRD- OCPR

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I created a new form with the object type OCRD like this :

which works very fine. So i can check all Data which is already in the Table OCRD and also update/add new Data choosing an existing or a new CardCode.

now i added a new folder " Addresses" and it should simulate same scenario like when we add a new contactdata to a bussiness partner.

so there is a new buttom " Add an Address" :

a new Form should be oben where the user can input the details of the new Address like this :

now when i give this new Form the object type 11 which belongs to OCPR i get an error that the object type doesnt exist or something like that.

how can i build this kind of Form that input a new entry in the Table OCPR by giving the CntctCode ( which is max(last cntctCode) +1 ) to this specific CardCode business Partner?

Should OCPR Object type be added manuelly to the Form types table so it could be use like any other Object type ( because i checked the Form types table and there was an Entry for Bussiness Partner table with object type 2 but nothing for OCPR table) or there is something that i miss in the whole thing?

Thanks in Advance

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