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Workflow for Purchase Requisition Items: How does the system determine object responsible if I use precondition "account assignment type <Asset>"?

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Dear Experts,

I am trying to create a flexible workflow for purchase requisition items with the account assignment category "Asset". I want this workflow triggers the aproval of purchase requisition based in the role "object responsible". However, the system does not starts the workflow. 

I share with you the example waiting for your advises: 

First of all, I create and activate the following workflow at item level:

Then, I create a purchase requisition with an item with the account assignment type "A".

The status of the purchase requisition workflow step is not "Ready". 

As I do not find any field to maintain user responsible for fixed asset, I supossed that the object responsible would be the user responsible of the cost center asociated to the asset of purchase requisition. This cost center do have an user assigned. So this is not the "account object responsible".

Any idea how could I determine the object responsible for workflows based in account assignmet type "Asset"?

Thank you in advance,


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As per  SAP note

For each account assignment category, a different accounting object is used to determine the approver: 

  • 'K' (Cost center): Cost Center object is used (if company code is assigned, it is also considered). Responsible user is taken from table CSKS.
  • 'F' (Order): Internal Order object is used. Responsible user is taken from table AUFK.
  • 'P' (Project): WBS Element object is used. Responsible user is taken from table PRPS.
  • 'A' (Asset): Profit Center object is used. Responsible user is taken from table CEPC.
  • For all other account assignment categories, the manager of the user is determined.