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Workflow Flexible not going to My Inbox until SWU_OBUF

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I am working on a S4H OP 2022 [Rise].

In development we have no issue

The transport of the scenario have been done in quality

The workflow is starting and in the workflow log finds the correct approver.


Work item number is 295

When the approver log to my inbox there are only former work item refreshing the inbox does not work

There is no entry for work item 295  in SWWUSERWI



SWU3 is set up 



After a while the work item appears (after one instance of the job SAP_WIRKFLOW_SYSTEM has run) 
Then the work item appears in the inbox of the user

But there is no log to know which workflow job is behind and shall be ajusted to run more often



Can you help with this ?




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I have solved it and think that posting my solution here could help some in the future

In fact the solution to this is simple, and has nothing to do with the jobs.

I just needed to classify the tasks as general task 

They were by default as General trasnf authorised.

What I do not understand is why after a while it was coming in the recipient inbox (and in the workflow log it was displaying the receiver  so the determination was working and  it was finding the receiver as a valid one  so it shall have appeared in my inbox)

However since I  have added general the workitem goes now directly into the table SWWUSERWI and can be found in my inbox so....

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Remember to classify the task as "General task" in production too, I have made the same error several times :). When you are configuring a standard flexible workflow always there is a warning the say check that the task is classified as "General task", for flexible workflows is mandatory.
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Glad it is resolved. Thanks for sharing how you've resolved it.