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Workflow: Approval BAPI

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After to load all purchase orders from a system to SAP-SRM, the manager changed his mind about the workflow. He does not want to approval all purchase orders documents loaded, as workflow asks to. So, he asked me to make a program witch could make that instead him.

I could not find any BAPI or any way to do that by configuration at WF as well.

Does anybody know how could I do that?

Thansk for any help.


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Answers (3)

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That idea was canceled. Thanks. Everyone!

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Karla Lima

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hai karla,

here are some bapi's to cancelapproval all purchase orders documents loaded.

BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE --Release Purchase Requisition Item by Item

BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_RELEASE--- Cancel Release of Purchase Requisition Items

BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE----Change Purchase Requisition

hope this is helpful.



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Why don't you just delete the workflow items and import the orders again after switching of the workflow?

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply.

Actualy these PO were inserted manually, one by one, it was not a upload data....



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On SRM, there is no bapi for this but you can use function BBP_PDH_WFL_DB_UPDATE instead where you have to pass object type, ID and action code (approve/reject).

Check code in program BBP_BACKGROUND_APPROVAL to see how it is called. (approval from srm inbox).