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Work schedule

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Hai All,

I would like to change the workschedules, if one person has to work 9to5 but on thuesday the person has to come in 11 to7, what is the standered prosedure can any one help me plzz(NOT IN ROTATING SHIFTS ANOTHER STANDARED WAY)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Santosh,

yes you can do it as below:

1) Transaction Code: PA71 2) Chose type of the required entry (Subsitution) from the menu. 3) Period. 4) Select infotype. 5) Create.

in Create Subsititution screen:

1) Enter the employee number in the “Personnel number”.

2) Chose from the drop down list the substitution type (01).

3) From the WS Role, select the work schedule type or shift.

4) Specify the “From” and “To” dates, check if you need for hours as well.

5) When you are done with the entries, click on “Save” button.

i hope this will help

kind regards


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Thankyou rahman,

Thanks a lot for the help,I tried the way i got the result.

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