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Work center and Routine

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Dear All,

I am doing PP module course and i that i am not able to understand the use of work center and routine for Finsihed good.

Suppose i feed 100 units (Sodium chloride of 5kg pack) order in SAP then what is the role of work center and routine for this 100 units (Sodium chloride of 5kg pack).

Can any body explain me work center and routine in details and also provide me related T-code details for this ?

Share knowledges to become expert.............Thanks


Phalgun patel

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are taking a beginning PP course, then these subjects will be covered. These are some of the most basic of PP subjects. Be patient, ask your instructor.

Below is the SAP help on the subject


Work Centers

Unfortunately, this forum (ERP Manufacturing (PP)) is intended to exchange technical advice, and not to provide basic training. If the above info links are inadequate for your needs, and if your instructor is unable to assist you, then I suggest you post the question in the Test and Playground forum, which is more attuned to the needs of beginners.

Best Regards & Good Luck,


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Dear phlagun

Workcentre is basically made to define the various parameters for performing diffrent processes of production in a plant. It consists of various views like costing, capacities, basic data, scheduling, etc. by filling required values under these tabs you can define the workflow in your plant or company.

Tcode are CR01/02/03 for Work Centre Creation/Change/Display.

Secondly are you asking about ROUTING ??

Revert back for any doubts.


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