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[WM/PP] Reverse Material Staging - Pick List

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Hi Gurus,

i have a problem on material staging WM/PP on pick list scenario. Let me to explain:

We have a production order scheduled at a certain date (ie. 01/08/2010). The production order have the component AAA and need 100pz. Hence I made the material staging WM/PP:

1) Release order

2) Execute LP10 to create TR and TO

3) Confirm TO with RF transaction.

Now, the order is postpone (ie. at date 01/10/2010). So i have to return component AAA in warehouse from production area. To do it, I made a manual TO with LT10 (movement 999).

But the problem is that this manual movement doesn't reopen the material staging. In fact if I execute LP10 transaction, the requested qty (RESB-OFMNG) is zero, while i expect that the quantity was 100pz because i return pieces in warehouse.

There is a way to "reopen" the material staging and manage this scenario?

Thanks and Regards .

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HI WM guru,

I have the same exact questions as above. Any pointers ?