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What movement type is triggered in the TR when material staging is done.?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You assign replenishment movement type in customizing: Logistics Execution>Warehouse Management>Interface-->Define Production: Replenishment movement type u2013 Assign.

Standard settings

In the SAP standard system, storage type 100 and replenishment movement type 319 are preset in warehouse number 001.

For a storage type, you determine which WM movement type is used to transfer the warehouse replenishment for production.

Allocate the respective WM movement type to your production storage type. You can also specify the replenishment logic and the mail control for errors that might occur during automatic staging

You must customize WM-PP interface.

The Production Planning component (PP SFC component) can carry out material staging for production in production storage bins using the Warehouse Management system

The physical production storage bins are defined and managed in the Warehouse Management system. In this case, you can group together different work centers to production supply areas from the viewpoint of production supply.

Within a plant, you define for each material and supply area in which storage bin the required materials are to be provided and which type of material staging is to be used.

The following staging types (control cycles) are supported:

Picking directly for the production order

Crate parts

Release order parts

Manual staging

The material requisition creates a transfer requirement or a delivery, which usually results in transfer orders.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Movement type 319 wil be triggered at the time of staging components to production.


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In standard settings movement type 319 Replen. for production will be triggered at the time of staging components to production

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