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WM managed stocks exist in MCHB but not in LQUA

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Dear Experts,

The batch of stocks can be found in table MCHB and shown in MMBE, but can't be seen in table LQUA or tcode LS24.

What could be the reason?

Thank you.

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Hello kokwei.wong

MCHB holds batch stock on storage location level. LQUA holds stock on WM warehouse level. So if a storage location is WM managed MCHB records have to have their equivalents in LQUA. If not:

  1. You are checking MCHB records of a storage location that is not WM managed - check if the storage location that's missing records in LQUA is WM managed, i.e. warehouse number is assigned to the storage location in T320 and T320-OBEST is initial or
  2. You have MM vs WM stock inconsistencies - check LX23 transaction or
  3. You have more serious problem in the system - open an incident to SAP support.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski