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Hi all,

I would really appreciate if you can share your knowledge on the following questions:

1. Is it a requirement to reset the quant information every year in order for LX26 to calculate the inventory count schedules? If the system can calculate the schedule based on the fiscal year then what is the use of "old PI date" field in the output screen which shows last year's count?

2.  How does the system calculate how many times a material has to be scheduled if an A material (4 times a year) is received in the warehouse during the middle of the year..say for example July 1st.


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1) No, certainly not for the purpose of calculating count schedules, contrary ...please  see OSS Note 86923 - Inventory data for storage bin/fiscal year RLREOLPQ

2) The customizing of 4 inventories a year means that SAP is calculating after how many days a new count has to be see the days actually in customizing.

A material which is new in the middle of the year is not to be counted 4 times in the rest of the year, it just follows the general interval. (e.g. if you have 220 work days, then you have a interval of 55 workdays. so you material is due for counting on July 1st + 50 workdays.

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Thanks Jurgen.