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WM LT04 FIFO not respected VS LT01

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Hello Experts,

I am having some problems with the FIFO implemented. Here is my scenario:

  • I have 4 handling unit on the same storage bin
  • Each handling unit has the exact same material
  • Each handling unit has the exact same batch number
  • Each handling unit has the exact same quatity of the material
  • The last placement date is the same
  • The last placement time varies
HU Material Batch Last placement date Last placement time A X Y 24.07.2019 8:10:01 B X Y 24.07.2019 8:12:01 C X Y 24.07.2019 9:16:00 D X Y 24.07.2019 9:19:00

When using transaction LT01 to create a TO, the handling unit A is being proposed. This is working perfectly.

However, when we are using transaction LT04, the handling unit C is being proposed instead of A.

Why is the FIFO working differently on both transactions? I am missing something? Is there an OSS note talking about this issue?


Shabir Ismail

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Hello Shabir,

LT04 uses predefined data in order to create a TO, e.g. if there is something predefined in the TR that would influence the HU selection then it might be a possible cause for this behaviour.

For more information on how the system can create a TO please read the following online documentation:

Best regards,