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Withholding ------------------------Urgent

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Hi all

can any one help me

I created configuration Extended Withholding Tax

Know i am posting in FB60

But, System is not calculating Tax Amount

Pls Suggest me

Today i want to completed This configuration


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Answers (6)

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plz go and check ur GL accounts master data, that ur created for TDS FS00

We should choose the open item management under control data and

De select Relevant to cash flow check box under create/bank/interest..

once i was faced the same problem, even i was configured all the settings on reght manner....but system did't caluculate the TDS amounts..just its appearing only 2 line items........ after i did my above changes in GL master, its working now.

why dont u try for that?

all the best..


Manoj kumar

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forwarded you a document

Don't forget to assign point

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I can Provide the manual if it is useful to you this will b great.

See i am not able to Attach file

Pleas give me ur id so that i wil forward to you.


Posting An Vendor Invoice (FB60)

Simulated Invoice

Post the invoice.

Use J1ILN to access the taxation part of SAP Easy Access. Use the following path.

In the above screen, Either of Document number or Posting date and min. details are above given. Execute the same(F8).

Make note of Internal Challan number generated.

Go back using F3.Come to Tax menu.

Enter the Actual bank challan details and dates in the respective columns…and press F8.

Ensure that Challans are updated message has come.

Go the following path

Here u can have print preview or directly print the Certificate.

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This is My Mail ID

Pls send sugesstion

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have you Defined Withholding Tax Type for Invoice Posting or Defined Withholding Tax Type for Payment Posting ?

-at the time of Invoice payment system will deduct the witholding tax amount taht depends upon ur setting.

further, check in the following seeting.

SPRO-Extended Withholding Tax->Company Code->Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes & check the box "with/tax agent.

further , plz tell when you enter the vendor in FB60 & enter you document line item system display the following message or not.

"Vendor & is subject to withholding tax"

further, check in the witholding tax tax, system is picking the tax code etc?


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plz check the followimg setting!

1-have you enterd the tax code in vendor master data?

2-also liable filed be checked in the vendor master data

3- check have you configued the tax be calulated at the time of payment or Invoice.

please visit the folloing note:

Note 546564 - FAQ: Withholding tax

or download from the following link

This note is very helpful!

plz assign point as way of thanks

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Hi all

As per u r suggestion

I haven't get any solution

I am working ECC.6.0 Version

I done total Configration

But At the time of posting

Rent A/C 20000

To Vendor A/C 20000

System won't calcate the withholding tax amount

i assigned Withholding Tax code also

Pls suggest me

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Hi supriya

Please go and check whether you have assigned the Tax types to company code.

and you have to activate the EWT for that particular company code.

While posting Vendor Invoice is that system throwing any error for not calculating.

check this : before posting just click on the with holding tax tab in FB60. and simulate it before posting.

Thanks and regards.


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Hi supriya

first you check all EWT configuration Tax types and codes. then you update WHT codes in vendor master and save. at the time FB60 transactio, are you getting WHT codes & types under the Withholding tax tab ? this is the important. first you check and confirm.

All the best