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Withholding Tax Certificate number thailand

Hi SAP Experts,

As per SAP pre-delivered configurations for Thailand, For Withholding tax types at Invoice Posting, No Certificate Numbering option is check marked, however for Withholding tax types at Payment, that option is unchecked. So, in order to make payment postings, we have created number ranges for relevant number group and we are able to post the payment document but while posting payment documents, we are not able to generate the certificate number.

When we tried to read the SAP Notes, we found that Certificate number is not issued while posting and is only generated while running the report RFIDYYWT (SAP Note 1090637). What report needs to be run to generate Certificate Numbering in S4 Hana cloud version. Also in the SAP note it is mentioned that we need to checkmark No Certificate Numbering Option for Withholding tax type at Payment, if we do so, then while running report for Certificate generation, will we get Certificate numbering for both Witholding tax type at the time of Invoice and Payment?

Any inputs will be helpful.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Chanchana,

Thanks for the response, can you please specify the field where we can check the Certificate Number/Sequence number generated while posting for Withholding tax at the time of Payment?

Thanks and Regards

R Sai Niharika.

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Hi Niharika Repala,

We are also having the same problem, we need to generate the Certificate number at the payment. Have yo got any solution for this?

Thanks in advance.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Niharika

Withholding Tax reports and VAT return report for Thailand on S/4HANA Cloud can be generated with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance Solution.

BTW I believe the Certificate number you mentioned = Sequence number

(1) Certificate number = Accounting Document number at "Reference key3" field at vendor item

(2) Sequence number from the configuration - Certificate number for withholding tax

For Payment, withholding tax certificate number/ sequence number will be generated while posting.

For Invoice, it will be generated while reporting.

More info about SAP Document and Reporting Compliance Solution, please check

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For Thailand Withholding Tax setting and reports on S/4HANA Cloud, please check

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