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Withholding Tax Amount display in FBL1N

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In FBL1N line item display for Vendor,we are not getting the withholding tax amount in the line item display when we post any document in MIRO(document type RE),but WHT amount is displayed when we post through FB60(doc type KR).

Why this difference is coming???

How to rectify the problem??

Please Suggest.

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you run Vendor ledger it will display only net amount which you paid to vendor.

If you want to see with holding tax amount then you should run GL ledger FBL3N. In FBL3N you can see net amount of TAX in particular TAX GL Account.


IN FB60 entry will be

Charges Dr.

ABC Vendor Cr.

TDS - Profes/Consult Cr.

TDS - Profes/Consult Cr.


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Sujay,

When we are posting in MIRO document goes to Material vendors as well as in FB60 goes to service vendor posting. When we define the vendor masters we will assume that which is the service vendor, which is material vendor. In this way define the vendor masters.

we will not calicutlate TDS on Material vendors , Only caliculate TDS on service vendors.

I hope this will clarify your doubt.

Let me known if you have any questions.


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your question is good me also facing same problem

actual entry will be

expenditure a/c dr 100000

To tds a/c 1000

To party a/c 99000

but in ERP

Expenditure a/c dr 100000

Party a/c dr 1000

To Tds a/c 1000

To Party a/c 100000

to be posted

in oracle this is the posting procedure

In SAP first entry is taking i think this procedure may be developed in future up that we have to wait to clear our problem

data has to be captured twice, in party account showing net off, it should not be show like this. when ever party submits the bill net amount due is showing. for what he made claim is not available in sap.

when we at the time of advance payment it is taking full value, in at the time of bill settlement it is taking wrong.

in indian scenario this is wrong procedure while doing ledger scrutiny

if any body solve this problem you will appreciated

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Hi TS,

I am facing the same problem as yours.

How did it get solved.

Can you please let me know.



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do you have only TDS display problem for MIRO document with FBL1N

or will be TDS not calculated and not posted with MIRO posting?

Pls. revert back

BR Tarik