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WIP Clearing (remaining balance cannot be cleared even TECO status is set)?

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Hi SAP Experts,

I am a FI consultant and I not used to CO-PC issues

Users has report the WIP account has remaining balance that cannot be cleared by the settlement process even though the TECO status has been setup in the production order.

We are working on the repetitive manufacturing, using process order and production cost collector (that are settle each period).

What general causes could generate a WIP balance that cannot be cleared even thoug the TECO status is already set?

Many thanks for your guidance!

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Please run the WIP, Variance and settlement again so that WIP balance will become Zero. System will expects WIP calculation even though order marked as TECO.



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Hi, Thanks for your answer!

It is needed to revoke the TECO status?

I currently have some issues with system status. (cannot be revoke according with status settings)

I wonder if WIP and Variance calculation will run correctly whether if TECO is set up.

Making a checklist, what I need to review is:

a. Whether the final delivery indicator is set.

b. Whether the delivery date is set. (according a SAP note 530563 this define the period)

My undertanding is that:

The TECO is flagged just to "close" the order, but that does not mean there are no more WIP to be posted.

While the final delivery indicator it flagged to "mark" this order is not expected to receive more consumption

I appreatiate your feedback

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It's not require to revoke the order, just run the WIP, Variance and settlement.