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WIP by Work Center report - ME 15.0 & 15.1

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Hi experts,

Can someone please explain what this report is designed to do ?

Im expecting this to work a particular way but the data I receive is not what Im expecting

I have set up a test scenario as follows.

I have 4 work centers configured, called:

Line1 (Work Center Category = Line)

Cell1 (Work Center Category = Cell)

Cell2 (Work Center Category = Cell)

Cell3 (Work Center Category = Cell)

Line1 is a release to work center and has Cell1,Cell2 & Cell3  allocated to it in a hierarchy.

I created 3 operations :

OP1 (Work Center = Cell1)

OP2 (Work Center = Cell2)

OP3 (Work Center = Cell3)

I created a 3 step router using these operations and made sure the work center was populated in the router.

I then release an order to the Line1 work center and stepped the SFC's through each operation.

The WIP by Work Center only ever shows the WIP as being in the Line1 work center but Im expecting it to show the qty in each of the Cell level work centers.

If I use a Work Center POD and select any of the Cell level work centers it correctly displays the WIP for the user to select but the report only shows the higher level details.

Is this by design or is there a configuration I've not set up ???

I've looked at the SFC_STEP table where this report pull all its data from and the LAST_WORK_CENTRE_BO is always Line1 but the REPORTING_CENTER_BO has the Cell level work center.

Its very common for a product to move from one work center to another during the production process so I would have expected this report to show you the lowest level detail.



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Hi Kevin,

I would agree with you that it could be logical to build the report over REPORTING_CENTER_BO, however, this is a legacy standard report which was designed before integration with ERP whereas "reporting" steps and work centers occurred in the system much later. Thus I would suppose that no one re-designed the reports, especially if taking into account that the main bet was put on reporting powered by BusinessObjects instead of developing a native set of reports.



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Thanks Sergiy,

In a previous job I used to work with  Visiprise 4.2 and it worked the way I described it. I could select a line level work center and it would report the cell level data or I could just select the cell. So I was surprised that 15.0 and 15.1 doesn't do it like that

The problem with BObj is that not every one uses it operators want to see this data inside of ME without going to an external tool. I tend to think that live WIP reporting should be done in ME but historical data should be done in an external BI tool such as BObj.



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You could submit a support ticket against MFG-ME-RPT component to get the issue reviewed by Product Management team. Maybe they agree on adjusting the current behavior of the report.