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Windows 2003 server prevents add on being run unless user clicks run

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I have an add-on created for our client currently set to automatic setting. When the SAP client runs on the Server - Windows 2003 ( some times they do using remote desktop) windows prevents the exe ( my add-on) being run and instead pops up a windows message asking "Open file .... do you want to run this" if the user clicks Yes then only the add-on runs.

This is due to a security setting in Windows 2003 as per their System administrator and when they changed the security level to a low setting we did not get the message anymore.

However our client does not want to remove the security setting , but requires us to provide a solution. I have Inquired from digital certificate providers and they have confirmed using a digital certificate will not prevent this issue.

I am interested to know how we can handle this situation. I see the SAP (SAP Business One.exe) run without getting this message from windows. How can I make my add-on exe run like that on this server?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Indika,

Try this -> Go to the firewall settings -> exceptions tab -> add the Add-On exe to the list. This should allow the Add-On to run...

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