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why VBFA is needed if I have VBAP, VBAK.

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please explain what is this subsequent(VBELN) and precendent(VEBLV) documents in VBFA.

How they are related to each other.

I also didn't understand the following code related to VBFA:

LOOP AT it_so.

SELECT SINGLE name1 FROM kna1 INTO v_name

WHERE kunnr = it_so-kunnr.

SELECT SINGLE vbeln FROM vbfa INTO v_delnum

WHERE vbelv = it_so-vbeln

AND vbtyp_n = 'J'.

IF sy-subrc = 0.

SELECT SINGLE vbeln FROM vbfa INTO v_invnum

WHERE vbelv = v_delnum

AND vbtyp_n = 'M'.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi - VBFA is used to capture and provide the Document flow



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Dear srk

Apart from the suggestions given above, using VBFA to find the document flow, the system ignores cancellation invoices, credit memos and debit memos, as the sales order has none of these documents as a direct subsequent document


G. Lakshmipathi

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VBFA is extremely important as other 2 because it captures the document flow.

Also whenever the logic is required for the subsequent documents like quantity upto previous bill or value upto previous bill, this plays an imp role on the basis of which logic can be created.

eg Scenario is Sales order to Billing & u require Quantity upto previous bill, then by giving the current invoice no to VBELN, we can find out related SO from VBELV, on that we can find out the no of entries for that SO ie how many invoices has been carried out previous to this.

Thus we can find out the qty upto previous bill by applying such VBFA table.

Hope ur clear with this scenario.

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Hi Srk,

The table VBFA related to Sales Document Flow

1.Preceding Document means Sales order

2.Subsequent documents means Delivery document,post goods issue document,Invoice and accounting documents which are related to that Sales order (Preceding Document).

I hope it will help you,



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The table VBFA updates the subsequent documents in sales processing. We take an example For a sales process Quatation (2000000) , if subsequent order is (3000000) and delivery is 500000. The vbfa table shall have order 3000000 as follow on document of 2000000.

For sales order 3000000

Preceding doc>>2000000

and follow on doc >>500000

The subsequent/preceding doc category tells you, regarding type of doc.

B- Quotation


J -delivery

Also for item follow on docs and preceding docs with item number are updated in this table.

The docuemnt flow you can see on any document fetches data from this table.

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Kindly check the table VBFA table has complete document flow. for example for a sale order whether delibery doc is made or not & then billing documents. Different documents can be tracked using VBTYP field of VBFA .

Check code where once data is selected on the basis of

VBTYP_N = 'J" which is delivery .

If delivery is made then only checking for

VBTYP-N = 'M' for invoice.

Go to SE11 and check table VBFA for any sale document the whole cycle will from order to billing will be captured.