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Why the General Tab in Characteristics value assginment appears in CU50? How to remove this Tab?

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Dear VC Modellers,

I have created the Chars Grouping Tabs using CU50 Interface design .

1. G

2. O

3. C

and further I can see these three tabs are populated with its chars. I do also see the General Tab which is undesired and not created. Why this Tab populated and how to remove this?

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Hi ramakrishnan.arumugamreddiar, The tab is created by default in order to accommodate potential characteristics that do not belong to a characteristic group of type tab.

The help says the following: You cannot edit the General Group of type Tab that is automatically created with the interface design. This group contains all the characteristics that are not assigned to another group of the type Tab , for example, characteristics that are classified in groups of the type Pushbutton or Sequence .

Best regards, Thomas