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Why statistical condition types do not calculate net value.

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I have following problem.

I have to set some condition types as statistical in pricing procedure. When I do this, the net value is always zero.

When I uncheck statistical check box from some condition types, the net value is calculated properly.

I need have some condition types as statistical because of posting values to CO-PA modules.

How to change pricing procedure to have some condition types as statistical and condition type for net value (which is not statistical) work properly.

I am waiting for help.

Best regards


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Could you please elaborate more



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Sorry but I copy and pasete my pricing procedure but now I see that it doesn't look good.

Here I desctribe the main idea of this pricing procedure:

Steps 10 17: I can choose price from 3 different pricelists.

Step 20: It is line for sum from pricelists

Steps 102 to 180: condition types for discounts. It should be statistical because of posting to CO-PA.

Step 410: It is value after discounts

Step 730: Calculating NET value. Here is a problem.

730 ZPNT Subto=1 Req=2 AltCty=2 AltCBV=3 AltKey=ERL.

When discounts are set to statistical, net value is zero. When the statistical is uchecked from discount NET value is calculated properly.

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Can you please explain on what basis discount is calculated ?

If you want all discount as statistical , you can create a new condition type to store the final value of discounts . This condition type value will should be picked from previous conditions . You can use routine to set filters , assign this new routine in ALCTY or ALBVL. Dont assign an access sequence to this

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We have 3 main category of discounts:

- turnover discounts,

- invoice discounts,

- other discounts,

It is because of the reporting. For each category it is created:

- value header discount,

- % header discount,

- value line discount,

- % line discount.

here I describe calculation procedure :

1. End user inputs price from pricelist (ZEX1 or ZPRE or ZMCE).

2. In step 20 we have value from pricelist.

3. In steps 102 - 124 we can add other discounts (value header, % header, value line, % line).

4. In step 130 we have price after other discounts = price - other discouts. It is the base value for following calculations.

5. In steps 132 - 180 we can add invoice discount and turnover discount (value header, % header, value line, % line).

The base value for this calculation is taken from step 130.

6. In step 200 we have sum all other discounts.

7. In step 210 we have sum invoice discounts and turnover discounts.

8. In step 220 we have sum all discounts.

9. In step 410 we have calculation: price from pricelist - all discounts.

10. Value from step 410 should be moved to step 730: ZPNT condition type - net price - it is posted to FI.

It is so complicated because we want to know how much money we lost for diffrerent types of discount.

It works good when I don't use statistical checkboxes. When I check statistical checkboxes I have message, that net value (ZPNT) is zero.

Is it any tool for debugging pricing procedure (not ABAP debugging)?

Best regards


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Of these all which all are marked as statistical.


























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I have solved problems entirely. The definition of pricing procedure is correct.

I have to solve following problems:

- Y - Inactive condition type because of subsequent price,

- change condition class of condition type,

- checking statistical check boxes,

- writing a new condition formula for alternative calculation type.

Thanks all for help.



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Please paste your pricing procedure settings here.

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Here I try show my pricing procedure:

It looks rather complicated. All Cntr = 0.

All percentage discaunts have to be statistical because they are posted to CO-PA.

I have so many discaunt condition types because of detail reporting.

The problem is in ZPNT condition type. When statistical check box is unchecked, condition type ZPNT is working properly.

When I check statistical check boxes for Discaunt condition types, the ZPNT is always zero.

Step CTyp Description From To Req AltCty AltCBV

10 ZEX1 Price 2

15 ZPRE Price 2 2

17 ZMCE Price 2 2

20 10 19

102 ZPI2 Discount (Value) 2

108 ZPI1 Percentage Discount 2

114 ZNI2 Percentage Discount 2

116 ZNI4 Percentage Discount 2

118 ZNI6 Percentage Discount 2

120 ZNI1 Percentage Discount 20 118 2

122 ZNI3 Percentage Discount 20 118 2

124 ZNI5 Percentage Discount 20 118 2

130 20 128

132 ZPW1 Discount (Value) 130 2

138 ZU00 Material 130 2

144 ZNW1 Percentage Discount 130 2

146 ZNW2 Percentage Discount 130 2

148 ZNW3 Percentage Discount 130 2

150 ZNP1 Percentage Discount 130 2

152 ZNP2 Percentage Discount 130 2

154 ZNP3 Percentage Discount 130 2

156 ZNP4 Percentage Discount 130 2

158 ZPO2 Discount (Value) 130 2

164 ZPO1 Material 130 2

170 ZNO2 Percentage Discount 130 2

172 ZNO4 Percentage Discount 130 2

174 ZNO6 Percentage Discount 130 2

176 ZNO1 Percentage Discount 130 2

178 ZNO3 Percentage Discount 130 2

180 ZNO5 Percentage Discount 130 2

200 100 128

210 132 180

220 200 210

410 130 180

730 ZPNT Net price 410 410 1 2 2 3 ERL

900 2

905 ZVAT Output Tax 900 A 10 2 MWS

920 a A 4

940 ZWPL Discount (Value) 2

950 VPRS Cost B