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Why I can not create a Landed cost

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I created documents follow process : Sales Order -> Purchase Order -> GRPO -> AP Invoice -> Delivery -> AR Invoice. Everything is OK, but then I'd like to update item cost of goods by creating a Landed cost. SAP has error ! and I can not create a Landed cost. How I can update Item cost by another way ? and Why I can not create a Landed cost ?

Thank guys

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From the cycle, it seems like you purchased the goods and sold them off.

Landed costs is a document where we load the expenses like customs duty, freight etc. to elevate the stock value. If you have made the sale then where will you load these expenses.

Ideally, before the A/P invoice you should create the landed costs document. If you do not have the actual freight and etc. invoices you cane enter an estimated expense and at later stage always update the landed costs document as per actual expense booking.



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Thanks for your answer. How I can update stock value after I created Delivery or AR Invoice (because I sold them off).

Do you have any another solution for this case ?

Thanks a lot.