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why F110 payment medium still can generate, after payment documents are reversed via F.08

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Dear experts,

Our steps: 1) F110 - paramters, then "proposal", then "Payment run"

2) user found cleared wrong vendor open items, then they use FBRA to reverse and reset the payment documents

3) user accidently click on <Print out>, payment medium file was generated, sent to bank.

my question is, as in step 2, we already reversed the payment documents, why payment medium file still can been generated? how can we stop payment medium file's genration if payment documents are reversed?



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Hi Grace,

I assume that you are using DMEE file for the bank integration. If that is the case, there is 1 indicator in the variant can prevent this.

Check the variant you are using with transaction OBPM4, Then edit the variant in FBPM, select the checkbox "Payment document validation" in Output Control section.

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great. I now turn on the checkbox "Payment document validation" in the variant, it is able to prevent <printout> for reversed the payment document.

but I have one more question, as I screenshoted below, sometimes users forgot to input the variant, system is still able <Printout>.

how to popup message for users to input variant as mandantory in <Printout/ data medium> tag?

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Did you try to execute reports RFPAYM_RESET and then RFF110S_REVERSE to reverse the F110 payments?

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Got it. thank you very much Gustav. I will work with our development team to find an BAPI or user exit to do some customization.

by the way, I have one more question, in F110, in <Printout/ data medium> tag, if the payment file generates Idoc, I didn't specify variant there, it will popup a message as below to ask you fill in the variant.

but if the payment file generates a XML file, even I didn't specify the variant, it still generates the file. Can I have the same control for XML file as IDoc: must maintain variant?

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this is the screen, can done "Printout" even without variant. system won't popup message as above.

how to popup message to stop <printout> without giving variant?

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I don't think you could control Printout if document has been reversed.

F110 saves info in tables REGU*, the document number is saved there but it does not control if you reverse it. You could search for some BADI in Payment Printout (Depending on Printout PMW , trx OBPM1) to control if all documents exists and if they are reversed then stop processing or exclude them.

Kind Regards