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Why do we need account determination?

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why do we need account determinations and how can i create them for the COA?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To create accruals and post payables, the system must first of all determine the correct G/L accounts for posting in FI.

Before the system can determine the G/L accounts, certain settings must be made in Customizing. In the IMG, select: Logistics Execution -> Transportation-> Shipment costs -> Settlement -> Automatic G/L account determination. The settings required are described in detail here.

G/L account determination is carried out automatically. The following parameters are used for determination:

Chart of accounts

Valuation grouping code

Transaction key

Account grouping

Valuation class

G/L account determination can be carried out at shipment cost item level or you can have the system carry out posting at delivery or delivery item level for a more detailed process.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Accout determination is used for automatic postings. The GL acounts are assigned to these automatic postings based on the GL account assigned. this then does not require any manual GL account assignment. IE inventory postings are automatically assigned to an account and do not require you to enter the account.

pts appreciated.

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Hi SK,

All financial postings does not always happen in the finance department and not all FI documents are posted by the accountants. Hence, when such documents are posted by non accountants, they would need the system to identify the correct GL accounts for the documents. This is the main reason for Account determinations in SAP.

You can give all FI account determinations at T-code FBKP.



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Can you please clarify your issue? Please provide more details in order to help you.

Thanks in advance.

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