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Why common distribution channels and common division are maintained

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Why common distribution channels and common division are maintained?

What is logic behind this?


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Its used to avoid multiplication of master records..

How to configure common distribution channel and division?

You can define common distribution channels and divisions. This is possible for two areas of SAP, for all master relevant data, and for all condition relevant data.

The path is as follows:

IMG -> Sales and distribution -> Master data -> Define common distribution channels.

IMG -> Sales and distribution -> Master data -> Define common divisions.

Transaction Code - The code here is [ VOR1 ].

After creating the organizational structure and relevant master records you want to use as the masters, that is, in the distribution channels and divisions you are going to use as a reference, you can group distribution channels and divisions separately for master data (which combines customer master and material master records), group condition records, or both master data and condition records.

Let’s say you have a product range that is not different for the four different distribution channels you have (the channels could be telesales, retail, industry, and wholesale.) Neither is there a difference in the customers’ details when they purchase through one or the other. Thus, you will not want to create a multiple of four views of customer master and material master records. Merely create the customer master records and material master records in one of the distribution channels, such as retail. Then assign the other distribution channels you created in the organizational structure setup to this one.

Don’t forget this means you can only create or change master data in the distribution channel that is being referenced. In the scenario above, this means you can only change data for the retail distribution channel. Even if you should access a customer or material master in change mode, press F4 (possible entries), and select telesales, industry, or wholesale, you will receive a message “Sales area is not defined . . . ”

The same is true for the sharing of conditions. If conditions are shared, you need only create a condition in the distribution channel or division you are using as the reference. Obviously, this only pertains to conditions that have the distribution channel and/or division in their key, such as a price based on sales area."




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THe master data sharing is provided by the controls Common Distribution Channel and Division, and most important we cannot share data at Sales Org level but only at Dist Channel or Division level.

Most important point is even if there is no master data sharing in any company at Dist Channel or Division then in the controls of Define Common Distribution Channel and Common Division we need to assign the distribution channel to itself and Division to itself otherwise system will post errors.


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HI Vudumula srinivas

Common Distribution Channel and Common Divison are maintained so that if any master data like customer or material maintained with respect to one distribution channel can be used in other DCh. It prevents the multiplication of master records.

Eg: A customer is created for say sales area 1000/20/00 then the same customer can be used in sales area 1000/30/00 if we maintain 20 as common distribution channel. Hence no need for extending the customers...the same for materials also.

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This is to share all Master data and all condition relevant data which avoids the maintaining of MAster data for each DC and Div.

Hope this will clarify your query