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Why CO24 is not reliable transaction for me?

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Dear experts,

I launch transaction CO24 to check the missing parts list. However, this transaction also gave me a big lists of materials that were not missing.

Thus, I couldn't not fully trust this transaction. After the CO24 report, I have to check again all the materials(that are shown by co24) in MD04 to insure if all those parts were actually missing or not.  Every time, about 30% of materials were shown in the list which were not missing.

I am desperetely looking for a report to "ONLY THOSE MATERIALS WHICH HAVE NEGATIVE STOCK" (minus sign) IN MD04  to be appeared in CO24. Is there any possibilities to get a report like this?

Anything above that will be considered as bonus.

Also, I am a new SAP user so please provide me a little more details if possible..

Thank you in advance..



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Hi Jeevan,

go through the below will be able to understand how to use transaction CO24...



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You must have run availability check for the orders to be able to use the missing parts report. System marks components available if there is available stock during the availability check. Since available stock is dependent to other reservations of the material, time and sequence of the availability check is important. Planners are accustomed to run availability check in background jobs in which resetting the previous check, priotizing the operations and running the availability check are performed in order.

You can perform single availability check inside an order in change mode, or perform availability check in mass by transaction COMAC.

Please search and read for the function from SAP Help.


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Hi Jeevan

Transaction CO24 shows the results of the availability check and, according to the availability check, a material can be defined as missing part even if the stock is not yet negative.

Basically, a material is considered as missing part according to the settings defined on transaction OPPJ for the check control and there are many elements considered, despite the stock.

Also, you are comparing transaction MD04, which is a transactions that shows the stocks/requirements from the MRP perspective and this transaction cannot be compared with the availability check results, since the logic and the customizing is COMPLETELY different.

This issue has been discussed hundreds of times on the forum, therefore, please search for old threads and documents related to the availability check for a better understanding of this functionality.

If you want to see materials with negative available quantity, such as they are displayed on MD04, maybe you should try transaction MD07 and paly a little bit with the traffic lights.